Lexus Will Skip Plug-in Hybrids, Go Straight to EVs and Fuel Cells


The Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid won’t outsell the normal Prius, however it’s nonetheless the least-unsightly Prius you can purchase. And thinking about it starts at $27,965, its 25-mile electric powered range is strong. But in case you anticipated Lexus to give the Prius Prime the luxurious treatment and construct its personal plug-in hybrid, you’ll in all likelihood be upset. That’s because Lexus has no plans to pursue plug-in hybrid generation at all.


Lexus Will Skip Plug-in Hybrids, Go Straight to EVs and Fuel Cells


Speaking to AutoExpress at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Alain Uyttenhoven, head of Lexus in Europe, said the Japanese luxury emblem will depart the plug-in hybrids to Toyota. That’s due to the fact, the manner he sees it, plug-in tech is greater of a prevent-gap than a technique to an real hassle. Instead, Lexus will focus on developing gas cells and fully electric vehicles.

Part of his reasoning has to do with Europe ratcheting up its emissions standards. When that takes place, the hybrids Lexus already sells in all likelihood won’t be clean enough. “Soon we are able to need to reach 75g/km. At that time natural hybrids will not be enough,” said Uyttenhoven. “The two things we are able to do are introduce plug-in or introduce electric.” But Lexus might alternatively broaden the latter. “We do now not want to have plug-in hybrid motors. It’s a loophole in the market. We will attain the [carbon dioxide] goals without them,” Uyttenhoven stated.

Initially, that will possibly suggest supplying electric and fuel cell variations of its most high-priced merchandise at the same time as engineers work to carry down the value of electrical era. “In Europe, the extra a success electric vehicle income are on the high end,” Uyttenhoven stated. “But in the top class market, 50 percentage of cars are offered underneath €40,000 ($47,000). If it’s extra than that, how will people have the funds for it?”

So if you were preserving out for a plug-in CT200h, that’s probably in no way going to happen. But an electric successor to the LC500? That’s truly a possibility.

Source: AutoExpress


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