2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8 First Drive


Compared with the V-12-powered automobile that released the all-new DB11 range ultimate yr, the 2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8 has four fewer cylinders, develops ninety seven hp less, and its torque output falls short by 18 lb-feet. And it’s the higher vehicle for it.


2018 Aston Martin DB11 V8 First Drive


The DB11 V8 looks sincerely equal to its excellent V12 powered sibling. But below that thrusting hood is one in all our favorite engines—the thundering four.0-liter twin-faster V-8 evolved by AMG, whose parent company, Daimler, owns a 5 percent stake in Aston Martin. Codenamed M178, this engine is a flexible yet charismatic workhorse, powering all versions of the AMG GT coupe, as well as the sixty three-series AMG versions of Mercedes sedans, coupes, wagons, and SUVs, with outputs starting from 469 hp to greater than six hundred hp.

In DB11 trim the engine makes 503 hp and 498 lb-feet of torque, approximately the identical output it offers while equipped in the Mercedes-AMG GT S coupe. Changes made through Aston engineers consist of a new consumption device, new engine mounts, a new slender-line moist sump, specific engine mapping, and a new exhaust gadget. Aston claims the DB11 V8 will boost up from 0 to 60 mph in much less than 4.0 seconds and has a pinnacle speed of 187 mph.

OK, the DB11 V8 is a 10th or two slower to 60 than its 12-cylinder sibling, and it gained’t hit two hundred mph. And none of that subjects due to the fact for the overwhelming majority of DB11 proprietors, the ones are thoroughly abstract numbers. What does rely is the M178 reduces the weight over the DB11’s front axle by means of 253 pounds while compared with Aston’s personal 5.2-liter dual-faster V-12. It matters due to the fact you can experience it each day.

From the first actual corner you word the steering appears extra responsive than in the DB11 V12. Less weight over the the front axle helps, however the 2 percent rearward shift in weight distribution manner the yaw center of the auto—the vertical axis approximately which it turns—is more rearward, toward in which you sit down, allowing you to higher sense what the rear axle is doing. And it’s subtle modifications to the rear suspension that simply make the difference to the manner the DB11 V8 drives.

The rear surprise prices were stiffened, along side the trees for the rear subframe and the rear camber link, improving each lateral and vertical support. The end result, says Aston car dynamics leader Matt Becker, is about a 10 percent growth in lateral stiffness at the tire touch patch. “You can paintings the front of the car loads more difficult accordingly,” he says, “because the rear is just much greater sincere.”

When pushed, the DB11 V8 truely feels grippier on nook entry than the 12-cylinder automobile, and it’s greater composed thru turns. The extra linear power transport of the four.Zero-liter V-eight enables; there’s none of the big surge of torque midturn that receives the traction manage light strobing in the V12 and might make the car sense unsettled. Instead, you can be greater specific with the throttle, feeding in only the power you want, while you need it. Although it basically keeps the comfortable gran turismo demeanor of the V12, the DB11 V8 appears a great deal more agile and chuckable; it shrinks around you on a winding road.

The DB11 V8 also sounds special from the V12—gruffer, extra guttural. Critically, it additionally sounds extraordinary from whatever with an AMG badge. Aston engineers spent quite a few time tuning the exhaust machine to lessen bass frequencies at low rpm and upload more mid- and high-frequency noise. There’s a few burble on the overrun, however it’s greater like the rumble of a far off thunderstorm than the crack-bang-pop artillery barrage liked by AMG.

The DB11 V8 shares its transmission and very last force ratios with the V12, but the paddle shifters have 50 percent shorter travel to deliver a greater specific shift experience (V12 cars gets the brand new shifters as properly), and there’s fantastically much less shift surprise from the eight-pace ZF transmission. That’s due to the fact the engine’s rotating hundreds are lighter, and the revised engine mounts and stiffer rear suspension bushes better take in undesirable motions thru the powertrain.

The DB11 V8’s rear brake device is not unusual with the V12’s, but the front brakes have specific calipers with smaller pistons because of the burden distribution alternate, and the pedal journey is shorter as a result. Aston engineers retuned the booster, as properly, to present it a much more steady pedal feel.

Sharp-eyed Aston aficionados will observe the precise alloy wheel end, dark headlamp bezels, and that the hood handiest has vents rather than 4. But that’s about all that visually separates the $201,820 DB11 V8 from the more effective and marginally faster V12, which charges $17,500 extra.

The DB11 V8 boasts the same level of preferred system because the V12, and shoppers can select from the same large options menu and the identical coloration and trim palette.

Unless you absolutely need to have 12-cylinder bragging rights at the usa membership, the lighter, extra agile, greater-exciting-to-force V8 is the more suited of the 2 Aston Martin DB11s. That it’s also the much less pricey of the 2 makes it a fair extra compelling desire.


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